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How Home Maintenance Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Just like your need for an annual physical at the doctor’s office or your automobile’s need for a tune up and oil change, you should rely on a professional to give your home regular checkups. Proper up-keep can protect against costly future ailments, enhance curb appeal, ensure safety and maintain the value of your home. For example if your windows are not properly caulked, water could get into your sheathing, causing mold and rot. Next thing you know you are looking at a $5000 repair instead of spending $75 to have a professional caulk.

Home maintenance will affect your property value. If you neglect to take proper care of your home you can expect damages to occur and an overall property value decrease. Most realtors will tell you that if you go to sell your house and it is in “worn condition” you can expect to lose around 10% of its appraised value. On a $250,000 home, this would amount to $25,000. And, we all know that curb appeal is an important factor in helping your house sell. If you have faded paint and rotted siding this is not going to be appealing to the prospective buyer. So, moral of the story is spending a little bit of time and money each year on home repairs and maintenance will help you save money and make more money in the long run.

Keep a home maintenance record book including any receipts of home repairs, upgrades or regular maintenance for your house. This can be a powerful tool when it comes to selling your home. This way the buyer knows you have taken good care of your property.

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