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Home Maintenance Advice For The Summertime

Home maintenance is an important part of being a home owner. It is important to routinely inspect your home, inside and out. You should be sure to create your own checklist, that is customized to your home. The checklist will help you to easily recognize changing conditions and also give you the chance to make repairs early to cut down on cost and save money.
Here are a list of some home maintenance you can do yourself or hire a local pro like I Boyd Home Improvements of Maryland to do at a low cost:

Caulking Touch up or replace cracked caulking. Check all doors and windows , interior and exterior. Also check counter tops , toilets, tubs, showers, etc. There are many types of caulking to choose from; I Boyd Home Improvements can advise you on exactly the right type for your job.

Gutters and Downspouts Check for debris in gutters and downspouts, make sure all downspout extensions stay in the down position so roof drainage will not pond along the foundation of your home. I Boyd Home Improvements offers a professional and low cost Gutter Repair and Cleaning Service, contact us today for a free estimate!

Sprinkler Systems and Hose Bibs While you activate your sprinkler system, be sure to check all valves above ground and underground to be sure there are no leaks. Repair all leaks prior to using the system to prevent damage to your home. Exterior faucets (hose bibs) should be checked for leaks as well, if any attachments were connected to the hose bib during the winter months, these attachments could have caused the hose bib to freeze and split (break) inside the wall. This could cause major damage inside your home when the hose bib is turned on. The hose bibs will generally not leak until turned on, most of the time you cannot see this from the exterior of your home.

Grading and Drainage Prior to Landscaping If you are in a new home, you may not have had an opportunity to install your landscaping. When snow melts or spring rains occur, the water that drains across the lot will carry silt (fine dirt) to the bottom of the drainage swale. When this happens, the drainage patterns will change causing water to back up and not drain off your lot properly. Before installing your landscaping, it is important to re-establish the drainage patterns on your lot. Be sure to check for any settling that may have occurred that could cause water to collect near your homes foundation.

NEVER Over-Water! Over-watering causes most of the problems with drainage, not only for your home, but also in most cases, your neighbor's home as well.

Sump Pits and Pump Operation Sump pits are intended to collect water from foundation perimeter drains. If there is a pump installed in the pit and no water is collecting in the pit, be sure to check the pump to be sure it is working. The easiest way to test your pump is to fill the sump pit to the point it will activate the pump, if the pump does not work replace it.

Decks and Fencing To extend the life of your wood decks and fences you should power wash , stain and seal them. This should be done at least once every year, usually in the spring or early summer. This will help preserve the beauty of the wood and extend the life of your deck or fence. Contact I Boyd Home Improvements to learn more about our power washing and deck restoration services.

Exterior Finishes Paint takes a lot of abuse from the sun and the elements. It is important to repaint your home's exterior when it is needed. Repaint before you say to yourself "I should have painted last year." By then, it may be too late. When you can see exterior paint start to peel or oxidize, it will cost you more to paint your home than if you used preventive planning.

It is common to think we can save a lot of money if we "do it ourselves." Even the most handy of people can come across a job that should not be handled alone. For the larger jobs or to simply take care of that large list of small projects, you may want to consider hiring a professional like those at I. Boyd Home Improvements. By hiring a professional you really can not only save time but also money by avoiding those.."uh-oh" moments. Whether you choose to hire a professional or do it by yourself, it's most important to keep maintenance on the top of your to do list for your home.

For more questions or to set up a free estimate, please feel free to contact Isaac Boyd and I. Boyd Home Improvements online or by phone (443)-540-7130.