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Do You Need To Paint Your Garage Floors?

Garage floors can be some of the less appealing and more overlooked areas in your home. Overworked by your car and its fluids, damaged by lawn equipment, and filled to the top with household debris, no doubt there is a lot of opportunity for improvement. Should you attempt to spruce things up by painting your garage floors on your journey to turn it from ugly into a something more aesthetically appealing?

I. Boyd Home Improvements provides details on the many benefits to painting your garage floors:

  • Get rid of the dust.

Basic, unfinished concrete is a virtual dust producer, covering not just every thing in your garage, but also following you into your home . It is fortunate that, an easy and inexpensive way to take care of this problem is an elementary coat of paint.

  • Keep up with cleaning.

In addition to dust reduction both in and outside, the smooth surface of a painted garage floor accumulates much less dirt, requiring less frequent cleanings. When painted garage floors do require cleaning, you can do so with much less effort thanks to a smooth surface.

  • Protect against pollutants.

Depending on which type of paint you select to paint your garage floor surfaces with, the adhesion of oil, chemicals, water, mold, mildew, and other staining materials can be prevented. Simply wipe-and-go with a sponge and a little detergent.

  • Personalize your space.

There are multiple paints varieties suitable for your garage floor:

Latex acrylic paint

Moderate floor protection at a miniscule price in a wide variety of colors, latex acrylics offer mold, mildew, and water resistance for easy cleaning, but may not stand up to tougher car fluids allowed to sit on the surface.

1-Part epoxy

For a few more dollars per gallon, adding 1-part epoxy to acrylics offers added durability, with the option of anti-skid additives or acrylic paint chips for color and texture. Mold and mildew resistant, water resistant, dustless, easy to clean, and more resistant to automotive fluids than latex acrylics, 1-part epoxy bonds well to concrete to resist chipping and withstand heavy traffic.

2-Part epoxy

Slightly pricier than 1-part epoxy, 2-part epoxy is still extremely affordable with a protective, extremely durable finish.

Lightens and brightens without raising your kilowatt hours. Unlike bare concrete which absorbs light, painted surfaces offer light reflection that brightens your garage without the installation of a single additional socket or bulb.

  • Costs less than a trip to visit the in-laws.

Nothing offers greater value for such a minimal investment. Concrete and/or epoxy floor paints are inexpensive and labor minimal for your average, 2 car garage. (Provided you clean out the 15 year old baby gear and overlooked holiday decorations to find the floor.)

  • Looks amazing.

Painting your garage floor really changes the look of your worn out garage, rejuvenating the space, and offering additional opportunity to extend you living space. (Game room, anyone?)

Ready for a garage makeover? Stop hiding your garage floors under all that junk and get ready for the spotlight with properly prepped and perfectly painted garage floors. Contact I. Boyd Home Improvements today.