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Great Home Improvements To Make For Fall

Crisp fall weather puts home owners in the mood to tackle some DIY projects.

If you have the time to wait until fall to do them, it will be less strenuous and more enjoyable. I. Boyd Home Improvements, your local Maryland, home improvement specialist suggest tackling some of these home improvement projects this fall.

1. Insulate the attic Going up into the attic on a hot day is not an ideal situation for anyone. However there is another reason to wait until fall to do any projects that have to do with insulating your home. You can feel a draft when the weather starts to cool down. That’s an easy way to tell where you need to improve your insulation. 2. Become energy efficient Caulking around windows, doors, and siding is a simple, inexpensive way to save some money. Unless you keep warm air in and cold air out, money is going out the smokestack. A trick you can use to test where you need to caulk is to walk around the interior of your home with a lighted incense stick. If the smoke starts blowing, that tells the story pretty quickly. I. Boyd Home Improvements recommends using silicone caulk because it’s flexible, waterproof, and crackproof. You do it on the outside of your home, so make sure you do it before it gets too cold. If the temperature drops below 40, you shouldn’t caulk, because the caulk won’t take as well, he warns. 3. Clean the gutters

Moisture is the No. 1 problem in maintaining a home. Getting moisture away from the foundation is key. And the way to do it is to clean your gutters and check your downspouts to make sure water is being funneled away from the house. Clogged gutters in the winter mean ice can build up and cause damage. In the spring, you want them running free and clear, so do it as soon as all the leaves are off the trees. Another place where moisture can build up is between the slats of a wood deck. I. Boyd Home Improvements offers a simple way to clean them out. Take a dull handsaw and run it between each board and push the crud out. If you don’t, moisture can build up, and you get mold. This will help the wood to breathe, and it will look better, too. 4. Plant a tree Because trees are dormant in the fall (as they are in the spring), it’s easier on the root system. Think about where you plant it so that it can help with saving energy. If you get it in the right position, it will be a windbreak in the winter, and provide shade in the summer. 5. Organize the garage Right now, you’ve probably got bicycles, lawn tools and the beach umbrella taking up the space your car could occupy, if only you could get everything back where it belongs. A lot of people never get their car inside the garage in the winter because the garage is overflowing with stuff. There are so many great organizing systems — shelving, hooks that allow you to hang bikes from the ceiling — that you can get everything into a place and find room for your car. And it’s easier to get junk to the dump on a nice fall weekend than a cold, wet, winter day. And while you are in the garage, check the snowblower, shovels, and snow brushes to make sure everything is in working order. It’s easier to buy replacements in the fall, before the first snow sends everyone to the hardware store. One other benefit to cleaning the garage: It allows you to be outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

I. Boyd Home Improvements serves most of Maryland and would be happy to give a free estimate on any of your upcoming fall home improvements. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.